Like a Feather”, A Melodic Reminder of Life’s Synchronicities and Divine Moments

Have you ever paused to observe the subtle synchronicities in life? Those moments that seem like glitches in the cosmic matrix, like repeating numbers, or encounters with animals that offer hints of love, joy, and hope? Sometimes, you might find a single feather gracefully descending from the sky, without a bird in sight to claim its origin.


These small yet profound experiences find their musical embodiment in “Like a Feather.” It serves as a heartwarming reminder that these moments of serendipity and divine connection are not mere coincidence but shared human experiences.

Singer and songwriter Sam Stokes, the creative force behind this soul-stirring anthem, describes his inspiration: “I was feeling so alone and trying to connect so many dots from my perception of reality my whole life and this new world of senses and perceptions that I had forgotten and repressed. As the flood gates opened, so did the miracles. It was beautiful. My hope is to help others remember and give them comfort as they connect to the frequency of love.”

“Like a Feather” marks the fourth single from Stokes’ forthcoming debut album, “Common Ground,” slated for release in October 2023. The album promises to capture an indescribable essence—an intimate moment where a soul meets its earthly vessel.

Stokes’ journey, as reflected in her music, reveals a tapestry of raw, unfiltered emotions—rage, peace, and unyielding hope. Her music is a testament to unwavering authenticity, a reminder to believe in the highest versions of ourselves and humanity, and to nurture our planet. “Common Ground” is the fertile soil where seeds of love, light, and hope are planted.

In “Like a Feather,” listeners are offered reassurance and comfort as they navigate their own quests, seeking answers and connection in a world filled with questions. This song, was released on August 30, 2023, is a musical gift—a reminder of the beauty found in the mysteries of existence.

“Like a Feather” will be followed by the album release on October 16, 2023, accompanied by a Poetry & Lyric Book on August 22, 2023, promising a profound and soul-stirring journey for music enthusiasts and seekers of life’s deeper meaning alike.

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