Laughter Unleashed Gli Incubi di Freud’s Musical Carnival in ‘E poi non ridi più’

Gli Incubi di Freud’s latest musical venture, “E poi non ridi più” (And Then You Don’t Laugh Anymore), unfolds as a captivating carnival of sound and satire. Led by the versatile Joshua McFarrow, the band masterfully combines infectious beats, clever lyrics, and a whimsical melody to craft a sonic experience that beckons listeners to immerse themselves in the revelry of life’s absurdities. The song’s rhythmic journey, propelled by a lively walking bassline and harmonically rich guitars, encapsulates an infectious sense of joy and playfulness. It’s a musical dance that mirrors the complex dance of emotions and contradictions in our modern world. The band draws inspiration from the digital realm, where laughter has become a veiled weapon to deflect serious discourse, transforming differing opinions into punchlines.


Lyrically, “E poi non ridi più” is a social commentary on the dwindling appreciation for genuine laughter in a society marred by ridicule and mockery. Gli Incubi di Freud skillfully dissects the inherent contradictions in human behavior, turning societal absurdities into a witty and thought-provoking narrative. The bridge guitar solo introduces a dreamlike interlude, enhancing the song’s whimsical charm with synths and arpeggiators that weave a tapestry of dystopian allure. The mocking laughter intensifies, culminating in the final chorus, where the band’s creative genius shines, creating a sonic landscape that is both captivating and reflective.

In this musical fusion reminiscent of Feeder’s “Seven Days in the Sun” and the spirited essence of a young Samuele Bersani, Gli Incubi di Freud invites listeners to cast aside the shackles of seriousness. “E poi non ridi più” emerges as more than a song—it’s a celebration of laughter, a reminder to find joy amidst the cacophony of life’s contradictions. It’s a carnival ride through the absurdities of existence, encouraging us to embrace the liberating power of laughter, even in the face of life’s complexities.

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