Lara Eidi Shines Bright with Debut Album ‘Sun’

Lara Eidi, a versatile artist born to Lebanese-Canadian parents and based in Athens, emerges as a unique force in the music scene. Her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Sun,’ is an amalgamation of intricate storytelling, jazz folk motifs, and deft instrumentation. Eidi’s versatile skills as a singer, pianist, and guitarist take center stage in this genre-blending masterpiece. Jazz UK aptly describes her as “a singer with true gift of a voice, a kind soul, and a captivating presence.” ‘Sun’ is a testament to Eidi’s distinct artistic vision, offering a new genre of alternative folk and alternative jazz that seeks to resonate, heal, and connect with audiences on a global scale.

Lara Eidi

The album’s genesis traces back to Eidi’s personal journey through three transformative years. It was during this period that she found herself, leading to a reconnection with her inner voice and a rekindling of her creative spirit. This endeavor involved revisiting unreleased songs from her past, resurrecting unfinished compositions, and crafting entirely new ones. The result is a compilation of tracks that lay bare raw, truthful, and beautifully layered emotions.

Eidi’s decision to record in Athens led her to some of the city’s finest musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. The seamless collaboration and the musicians’ profound understanding of her music resulted in a recording process filled with overwhelming joy. Each track on ‘Sun’ carries a profound narrative, capturing the essence of human experiences, trials, and triumphs. Eidi’s ability to infuse her music with intricate harmonies and evocative storytelling is awe-inspiring. The album is a testament to her artistic evolution and delivers a message of hope, empowerment, and freedom.

With liner notes by award-winning UK jazz artist Fiona Ross, ‘Sun’ has been hailed as an album that “heals and astounds all at once.” Lara Eidi’s debut is an auditory journey that not only showcases her immense talent but also resonates deeply with listeners, offering a glimpse into her soulful musical world. Available now on all platforms via the independent UK-based label Pastiche Records.

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