Elkvilla’s “Better to You” Radiates Empowerment through Pain

“Better to You” emerges as a poignant piece from Elkvilla, the solo endeavor of Australian singer-songwriter and producer Adam Dudek. The song delves into the complexities of staying with someone despite the presence of pain, culminating in an empowering revelation. The hopeful guitar melodies and intricate textures provide a fitting backdrop to this narrative. This release marks the first installment of a 5-track EP, all self-produced and mixed within Dudek’s Berlin home-studio. Occasionally, he is joined by friends who contribute backing vocals and strings, adding a collaborative touch to his solo project.


Elkvilla’s journey began in 2020, coinciding with a transformative period in the world. Influences from slow, moody artists, such as Tallest Man on Earth, and neo-classical creators like Ólafur Arnalds, find their way into Elkvilla’s distinctive sound. Noteworthy appearances on ABC and BBC television broadcasts have underscored the impact of Elkvilla’s music. The name “elkvilla” itself holds sentimental value, derived from a cherished childhood toy – a little happy elk.

Dudek’s Berlin apartment serves as the creative hub, where he meticulously records intimate vocals and a range of instruments, shaping them into the sonic tapestry that defines his music. The production process, akin to painting, sees the songwriting phase as the sketch and recording/mixing as the coloring. “Better to You” encapsulates a narrative of resilience in the face of pain, as expressed in the opening line, “I am the salt in your wound.” It serves as a testament to the strength found in self-empowerment, as underscored by the song’s optimistic instrumental arrangements.

In Dudek’s own words, “Better to You” marks his return to the music scene after a hiatus dedicated to refining his production skills. As part of a forthcoming waterfall EP release, each song is set to unveil every 4-6 weeks, promising a musical journey that resonates with authenticity and emotion.

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