Kinetic, A Fusion of Uplifting Grooves and Flute Brilliance

Sydney-based group Cult Of Indigo has emerged with their latest track, ‘Kinetic’. This dynamic piece, true to its name, embodies movement, motion, and an unwavering sense of uplift. Drawing from a diverse pool of influences spanning chill-out, smooth jazz, and lounge music, the band brings together a unique blend that defies genre constraints.


The driving force behind this creation is the talented duo of Mike Dooley and Daniel White, who together weave a sonic tapestry that resonates with an undeniable energy. Their collaboration, which took root in 2010, has evolved into a musical journey marked by exploration and experimentation. ‘Kinetic’ features the masterful flute work of Cicilia Kemezys, whose artistry elevates the track to a whole new level. The song is a testament to the band’s dedication to showcasing the flute’s potential, infusing it with catchy hooks and vibrant grooves.

The production of ‘Kinetic’ took shape in Mike Dooley’s home studio, with Daniel White and Mike Dooley steering the ship as producers. The track, like the band’s previous releases, has already received recognition in the music community, solidifying Cult Of Indigo’s place as creators of innovative, genre-blurring music. In a nutshell, ‘Kinetic’ is a testament to the band’s relentless pursuit of musical excellence, defying categorization and offering listeners a vibrant, memorable experience. As they push the boundaries of sound, Cult Of Indigo invites us all to join them on this dynamic journey.

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