Guild Theory Unleashes a Prog-Rock Marvel with ‘Despot’

Guild Theory, a musical fusion between Rob Lewis and Matt Smith, delivers a prog-rock powerhouse with their latest release, ‘Despot’. This track is a testament to their combined talents, blending compelling storytelling, potent instrumentals, and emotionally charged vocals that will undoubtedly captivate fans of the genre.


Rob Lewis, showcasing his mastery over keys, guitar, bass, and drums, pairs seamlessly with Matt Smith, the lyrical virtuoso and commanding vocalist. Their musical partnership, which sprouted in January 2022 through a shared online music forum, swiftly blossomed into a dynamic collaboration. Drawing inspiration from prog rock luminaries like Oceansize, Porcupine Tree, and The Cooper Temple Clause, Guild Theory infuses their music with a distinct character. The echoes of bands like Interpol, BRMC, and Midlake also reverberate through their work, shaping a sound that defies easy categorization. While live performances are on the horizon, Guild Theory has already made waves on radio stations like Future Radio and Prog Radio. Their debut album, ‘Streaks of Light Burn the Sky’, garnered acclaim, earning them a spot in the prestigious Mercury Prize 2023. ‘Despot’, a tour de force, unfurls the gripping narrative of a dictator’s downfall, wrought by the collective will of a nation. The track chronicles his descent, escape, and simmering desire for retribution.

In the words of Matt Smith, “In terms of songwriting and production I think this is my favourite so far – it really shows off Rob’s guitar skills and I think it contains some of my most powerful and expressive vocals.” ‘Despot’ is not only a musical triumph but a testament to Guild Theory’s boundless potential. Their dynamic synergy promises a compelling musical journey for fans and newcomers alike.

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