Jeremy Climer’s Heartfelt Tribute, Remembering at Their Best

In the poignant new release, singer-songwriter Jeremy Climer takes us on an emotional journey, inspired by the untimely passing of his cousin at just 44. The song, born from a flood of memories triggered by an old photograph, serves as a poignant reminder to cherish the vibrant moments shared with loved ones, rather than dwelling on their final days. This introspective piece resonates deeply, especially in the wake of losing both his cousin and beloved grandfather.


Jeremy Climer, a one-man musical powerhouse, assumes every role on this track with finesse – from vocals and acoustic guitar to electric slide guitar and harmonica. His profound influences, which encompass the likes of Nick Cave and The Smiths, shine through in this composition, marrying haunting melodies with profound lyricism. Recorded at Colorado’s Four Lane Road Studios, this song was an 18-hour labor of love, a testament to Climer’s dedication and artistic prowess. His label, Four Lane Road Media, promises exciting releases, including endeavors with dbcooper and Clark Paterson.

At the heart of this song lies a universal truth: the way we remember those who’ve passed isn’t defined by their final moments, but by the vitality they exuded at their best. Jeremy Climer’s musical tribute echoes the sentiment from “A Bronx Tale”: “Nothing worse than wasted talent.” He urges us all to seize the moment and make the most of the time we have with our loved ones. In this touching composition, Climer has gifted us a poignant reminder of the beauty in cherishing the vibrant souls we hold dear.

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