Anna Elyse’s ‘Slot Machines’, A Soulful Reflection on Outgrowing the Past

Anna Elyse’s latest single, “Slot Machines,” released on September 22nd, is a soul-baring reflection on the inevitable moment of realizing one has outgrown a situation. Drawing inspiration from the likes of prolific songwriters such as Neil Young, Anna Elyse, a singer, songwriter, and producer, infuses her music with a modern edge influenced by producers like No ID, Mike Dean, and Illangelo. Her journey from UCLA, where she focused on Creative Writing (Poetry), to Audio Engineering School, ultimately led her to the recording studio, a space where she felt an innate sense of belonging.


Despite her background in behind-the-scenes work in recording studios and contributing to prominent hip-hop albums, it was only in recent years that Anna decided to step into the spotlight as an artist. Her self-produced and mixed debut single, “Trading Glances,” earned her a spot on several noteworthy folk-pop playlists.

“Slot Machines” is a poignant exploration of the universal experience of realizing that a once-familiar place or circumstance no longer fits. It’s akin to sitting at a slot machine, hoping for a jackpot that you know deep down won’t come. Anna Elyse encapsulates this sentiment, emphasizing that even if one longs for things to revert to how they once were, it’s an impossibility. The track is a testament to personal growth and transformation, beautifully captured through Anna’s heartfelt lyrics and evocative sound. With this release, Anna Elyse showcases not only her musical talent but also her ability to convey profound emotions through her art.

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