Jebudas’ ‘The North Star’ A Lyrical Odyssey into Love and Longing

Jebudas, the musical moniker for the talented singer-songwriter Brian WF Tobin, invites listeners into the heartfelt universe of his debut single, “The North Star.” This poignant ballad acts as the herald for his upcoming album, “Upstate,” offering a glimpse into a world where simplicity intertwines with profound emotions. Navigating the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn, Jebudas crafts his musical tapestry from the heart of his home studio, allowing the ambient sounds of his neighborhood to organically weave into the composition. A creative alchemy unfolds, with everyday sounds like passing buses and distant sirens becoming integral elements in the melodic backdrop of “The North Star.”


The song itself is a lyrical odyssey that traverses the emotional spectrum of love and longing. “The North Star” serves as a musical reflection on the immense joy experienced in the presence of cherished loved ones and the profound ache that accompanies their absence. With a soothing acoustic arrangement, Jebudas captures the essence of these sentiments, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with authenticity and vulnerability.

The upcoming album, “Upstate,” promises to encapsulate a chapter of Jebudas’ life marked by simplicity, happiness, and hope in Upstate New York. “The North Star” sets the tone for this musical exploration, revealing a harmonious blend of lyrical introspection and melodic finesse. As Jebudas embarks on this artistic journey, “The North Star” stands as a promising beacon, guiding listeners through the evocative and deeply personal terrain of his musical narrative.

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