Sculpting Dreams Moontwin’s Enigmatic Single ‘Symbols’

In the tapestry of Moontwin’s musical universe, the single “Symbols” stands as a shining thread, weaving an intricate story of almost-sleeping thoughts and the enigmatic dance between fears, wishes, and dreams. Crafted by the dynamic duo of Maple Bee (Melanie Garside) and Zac Kuzmanov, the founder of XRaydio, this song is a sonic voyage that transcends boundaries, both geographical and emotional.


As the haunting melodies unfold, “Symbols” invites the listener into a realm where contradictions entwine with conscious and unconscious patterns, creating a rich and immersive soundscape. The late-night genesis of the song adds a layer of intimacy, capturing the essence of thoughts that unfold in the quietude of the night. Moontwin skillfully guides the audience through this beguiling journey, creating an experience that is strangely cozy yet tinged with a subtle sense of unease.

Maple Bee’s vocals serve as the compass, navigating the complexities of the lyrical landscape, while Zac’s musical ingenuity provides the vessel for this exploration. The collaboration between these two talents results in a composition that defies the constraints of physical distance, forging a deep connection between Cornwall and Plovdiv. “Symbols” is more than a song; it’s a testament to the alchemy that occurs when artists seamlessly blend their creativity. Moontwin’s ability to encapsulate the delicate nuances of human emotion and introspection in their music sets them apart, making “Symbols” a captivating addition to the duo’s evolving repertoire.

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