Introducing “WITHSTAND”, A Harmonious Tapestry of New Folk Resilience


The musical odyssey continues as our new EP “WITHSTAND” emerges, a seamless extension of the New Folk exploration ignited by our previous COVID project, “DON’T GET DEAD” (June Appal). This latest creation encapsulates a unique amalgamation of folk, blues, funk, and poetry, a sonic reflection of the transformative juncture we collectively tread upon.


“Withstand” is an embodiment of the folk blues, birthed around the Independence Day of July 4th, serving as a response to the ever-shifting political landscape within the nation. The melodies bear witness to the shared narratives of individuals navigating the uncharted waters of politics, resonating as a reminder that in times of uncertainty, they journey together. Journeying through these musical landscapes is Jordan 30, known by the moniker jyla. His musical craftsmanship mirrors legends such as Taj Mahal, Keb’ Mo’, and Eric Bibb, melding metaphysical profundity with soulful innovation.


Notably, the Cornelius Eady Group, helmed by the illustrious National Book Award winner and Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet Cornelius Eady, has skillfully woven his verse into song. The group’s melodies echo the chronicle of time’s passage, the quintessential Black American experience, and the blues, all encapsulated within the tapestry of Folk & Americana music. Accompanied by the gifted guitarists Charlie Rauh & Lisa Liu, Eady’s prowess as a lyricist, poet, and songwriter takes center stage, offering poignant storytelling. The Cornelius Eady Group’s musical voyage has graced esteemed venues, from the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery to the AWP Conference, leaving an indelible mark. Their enchanting notes have reverberated within the walls of Sun Studio in Memphis, TN.

In a blend of artistry and academia, Cornelius Eady presently occupies the John C. Hodges Chair of Excellence in the Department of English at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Through “WITHSTAND,” the Cornelius Eady Group not only crafts melodies but creates a resonant bridge connecting hearts and experiences, anchoring us in the shared tapestry of human emotions and the pursuit of truth.


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