The EP kicks off with “X FRANKLIN SAÎNŤ X,” setting the tone with its hypnotic beats and ethereal atmosphere. BLŰ ÃNGELŌ’s smooth delivery effortlessly flows over the intricate production, drawing listeners into his futuristic world from the get-go. The track showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to craft immersive sonic landscapes.


Moving forward, “TARĞĖŤ” maintains the EP’s momentum with its infectious energy and catchy hooks. BLŰ ÃNGELŌ’s dynamic flow shines as he navigates the pulsating rhythm, delivering thought-provoking verses with confidence and charisma. The song’s addictive groove and vibrant instrumentation make it a standout moment on the EP. With “FREESTYLE SANTIAGO (Nouveau Riche),” BLŰ ÃNGELŌ switches gears, offering a more laid-back vibe characterized by smooth melodies and introspective lyricism. The track’s dreamy production provides the perfect backdrop for his introspective reflections, showcasing his versatility as both a rapper and storyteller. “J’AI DES FAILLES (Futuriste)” delves deeper into BLŰ ÃNGELŌ’s introspective side, exploring themes of vulnerability and self-discovery. Against a backdrop of lush instrumentation and evocative melodies, he delivers heartfelt verses that resonate with authenticity and emotion. The track’s poignant lyrics and soulful delivery leave a lasting impression, showcasing BLŰ ÃNGELŌ’s ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

Closing out the EP on a high note, “ELLES SONT MAGNIFIQUES” brings a sense of celebration and triumph. BLŰ ÃNGELŌ’s infectious energy is palpable as he delivers uplifting verses over infectious beats and uplifting melodies. The track radiates positivity and optimism, leaving listeners with a sense of hope and empowerment. “FUTURISTE COMME SORAYAMA” showcases BLŰ ÃNGELŌ’s impressive artistry and potential as a rising star in the music industry. Each song on the EP offers a unique glimpse into his visionary world, leaving listeners eager to see where his journey will take him next.

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