French Caviar’s Remix Extravaganza A Nu-Disco Revival in ‘Hard For The Money’

In the mesmerizing remix single “Hard For The Money,” French Caviar takes the iconic 1983 hit “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer and transforms it into a dynamic expression of Nu-Disco and House music. This reimagined classic is more than just a revival; it’s a sonic journey that seamlessly marries the spirit of the ’80s with the pulsating beats of contemporary club scenes.


The track is an audacious foray into reinvention, where French Caviar, led by the collaborative genius of Jean-Michel Berlier and Hubert Moste, breathes new life into the familiar. Jean-Mi’s extensive career in the French clubbing scene, marked by over 5,200 hosted events and inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and Laurent Garnier, infuses the project with a deep understanding of diverse musical landscapes. Hubert Moste, a skilled musician and producer, brings a wealth of experience, having traversed the realms of classical piano, guitar, and DJing. His journey includes a stint as Kid Cudi’s lead guitarist during the North American tour, adding a rock-centric edge to the eclectic mix of French Caviar’s sound.

“Hard For The Money” stands as a testament to French Caviar’s commitment to breaking EDM conventions. With a keen sense of humor and an unwavering passion for music, the duo creates a sonic tapestry that goes beyond the ordinary, offering listeners an immersive experience that melds nostalgia with modernity. The track, backed by remixes from Rory Hoy, Vodzilla, and Sonale, emerges as a celebration of musical innovation, inviting audiences to surrender to its infectious energy on the dancefloor.

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