“For Motivational Use Only”: Jermaine Dupri and Curren$y’s Joint Album Review

Jermaine Dupri and Curren$y may seem like they come from different ends of the Hip Hop landscape, but they have joined forces for a joint album titled “For Motivational Use Only.” JD, an accomplished multi-platinum producer, artist, and executive, stands in contrast to Curren$y, known for his independence and individuality. Their collaboration raised questions initially, but it all started with track #5 on Curren$y’s 2021 project “Collection Agency” titled “Jermaine Dupri,” where Curren$y paid homage to JD’s motivational aura that inspired him at a young age.

The album is concise, running for only 22 minutes with 7 songs. This brevity makes it easy to listen to and digest, but it also limits the opportunity for the chemistry between the two artists to fully develop. While they don’t need to be inseparable friends to make good music, some moments on the album feel a bit forced and awkward, maybe even rushed.

The opening track, “So So Jets,” immediately tries to get listeners on board with this unique collaboration. JD wastes no time talking his talk and questioning why he’s excluded from hip-hop lists. This executive and producer has been delivering hits since a young age, and Curren$y seems to share the sentiment of being underrated in the rap world. This common feeling could have fueled the creation of the album.

The beats are solid, and both artists rhyme skillfully, but the album lacks enough exciting moments for listeners to fully embrace it. Curren$y’s laid-back flow suits some beats well, but on others, it becomes a bit monotonous. Tracks like “Essence Fest” and “Screens Fallin” don’t stand out as much, and the album could have used more energy.

Two features appear on the album, with 2 Chainz joining on “Off The Lot” and T.I. on “Never Fall Off.” 2 Chainz’s verse fits the overall vibe of the album, but T.I.’s performance on “Never Fall Off” steals the show. His energetic and dynamic delivery stands out, adding excitement to the track.

The most important song on the album is “Fortunate 500,” where Curren$y provides financial wisdom, offering advice on investments and financial decisions. It’s a reminder of his talent as a rapper with a conversational flow that deserves praise, despite some moments feeling underwhelming.

While Jermaine Dupri and Curren$y are both legends in their own right, the joint album falls a bit short of delivering an exceptional experience. The album could have used more exciting moments to balance out the slower ones. While it’s only the first installment of a series, for now, listeners might be better off revisiting their solo works for motivation.

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