“Don’t Try This At Home,” by YoungBoy

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s latest album, “Don’t Try This At Home,” opens with a striking image of the rapper standing on a boat against the backdrop of Baton Rouge’s Horace Wilkinson Bridge. This album marks his sixth studio project and feels like a spring album for him.


The album showcases YoungBoy’s signature Baton Rouge-inspired style, combining cheery yet disharmonious beats with his yelps of resistance. Recorded at his Utah estate, the project takes him back to his roots and memories of his formidable years in Baton Rouge.

While the music on the album is sincere and features YoungBoy’s powerful and ambitious moments, it also feels risk-free and somewhat repetitive. With a total of thirty-three songs and an hour and twenty-five minutes in length, it overstays its welcome. Some tracks, like “Another Dead” and “Morning,” fail to leave a lasting impression.

The album also includes features from artists like Mariah the Scientist, Post Malone, and The Kid LAROI, which don’t seem to fit well with YoungBoy’s style. However, when left alone on tracks like “Hustle,” YoungBoy shines with his airtight flow and confessional lyrics.

The album’s production is energetic and diverse, with beats from a range of producers familiar in the industry. YoungBoy’s delivery alternates between yelping and crooning, giving the songs a dynamic feel.

The standout track, “War,” captures YoungBoy’s desensitization to the culture of Baton Rouge, showcasing his ability to create powerful moments on record. Despite the album’s lack of cohesion, it highlights YoungBoy’s talent in creating exciting and chaotic moments, making it an irresistible listen, even if one takes it a few songs at a time.

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