Fladfox, Igniting Roads with Electronic Beats

Fladfox, a burgeoning force in the realm of electronic music, brings a year of dedicated craftsmanship to their latest release. This marks a significant stride in their quest for wider recognition and exposure. The solo venture thrives on the artistry of its sole member.


In the heart of Central Calgary, Fladfox crafts a sonic landscape that draws from the deep well of electronic influences. The vibes resonate with echoes of iconic names like Portishead and Tiesto, encapsulating the essence of electronic music in its entirety. The single, a driving anthem, emerges as a soundtrack to decent, responsible driving—a plea for mindful conduct on the road. Fladfox injects a touch of humor into the narrative, recounting a peculiar encounter with a vigilant skunk during a late-night production session. It’s a tale that adds a dash of amusement to the creative process.

As for the ethos behind the project, Fladfox embodies a belief in fresh starts and new beginnings. “Today is a new day; a fresh start of sorts,” reflects Fladfox, encapsulating the spirit that drives their music. Though yet to grace notable stages or festivals, Fladfox’s journey is marked by an earnest commitment to the craft. With every beat and melody, they forge a path towards greater recognition, propelled by the passion for electronic soundscapes. This single stands as a testament to their dedication, and a signpost to a promising future in the world of electronic music.

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