Draumr’s ‘Slowly Burning Feelings’, A Dreamlike Musical Odyssey

Draumr, the visionary Parisian artist and producer, unveils his latest masterpiece, “Slowly Burning Feelings,” following the resounding success of his previous hit, ‘In A Daze.’ With an impressive 100K Spotify streams and 40K YouTube views, the anticipation for this release was palpable. The song gracefully delves into the intricate themes of attachment, vulnerability, and the unending quest for genuine connection. Through its soothing melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Draumr crafts a love anthem that delicately balances hope with a profound awareness of life’s complexities.


Originating from the ancient Norse term for “dream,” Draumr represents the solo endeavor of the exceptionally talented French musician, producer, and director, Gabriel Cheurfa. His extensive collaborations with major Hollywood studios such as Marvel Studios, CBS, and Netflix further accentuate the depth and versatility of his musical portfolio.

Draumr’s artistic vision, reminiscent of the surrealism embodied by Lynch, Gondry, Dalí, and Jeunet, results in a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends dream pop, downtempo, glo-fi, and chillwave. His music serves as a bridge between tangible memories and those that are beautifully distorted, creating an enchanting junction where dreams interlace with echoes of the past. With past releases like ‘Nefelibata’ and ‘Ethereal Mildness,’ Draumr has exhibited an exceptional ability to seamlessly blend genres, crafting intimate, authentic journeys for his listeners. His debut album, ‘Drawn-Out Daydream,’ extends an invitation into his composite universe, offering a delicate and dreamlike experience that transcends the ordinary.

The forthcoming album promises an ephemeral respite in a carefree summer, a sanctuary of tranquility. Each track is a testament to Draumr’s extraordinary capacity to capture tangible yet surreal dreamscapes, guiding us through landscapes that are both familiar and oddly distant. This solar avant-pop odyssey, resonating with themes of peace, love, and understanding, is poised to leave an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of listening.

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