Fat Cat Affair’s ‘Empty Bed’, A Harmonious Tale of Neighbors and Music

In the bustling heart of London, amidst the thin walls of a flat, a musical journey emerged, born from the passionate arguments of neighboring souls. Fat Cat Affair, the creative force behind this unique narrative, presents his latest musical endeavor, ‘Empty Bed,’ a soulful RnB pop duet that resonates with heartfelt emotion.


The genesis of ‘Empty Bed’ lies in the artist’s experiences in Camden, where he was privy to the constant disputes of his neighbors. The thin walls bore witness to their tumultuous relationship, yet amidst the chaos, a beautiful symphony was being composed. As they argued, Fat Cat strummed his guitar, unwittingly becoming the third member of their “unofficial” band. Although their love story eventually met its end, it served as the fertile ground for this captivating song.

‘Empty Bed’ features the exquisite vocal talents of Janet Tabaka and Costie Payne, creating a harmonious blend that encapsulates the essence of love and loss. Under the skillful mixing of Andrea Lepori, renowned for his work with icons like the Rolling Stones and U2, Fat Cat’s musical vision comes to life. The song culminates in a poignant crescendo, where a Nigerian gospel choir adds the final touch, evoking a powerful emotional response from the listener.

Fat Cat Affair’s ability to collaborate seamlessly with artists from diverse backgrounds is a testament to his versatility and musical prowess. With ‘Empty Bed,’ he invites us into a world where love, drama, and music intersect, delivering a song that strikes a deep chord within the soul. This release is yet another milestone in Fat Cat Affair’s journey, leaving us eager to witness the future harmonies he’ll craft alongside the world’s talent.

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