Chloe Mayse’s ‘Mad in Love’, A Heartfelt Melodic Journey


Love possesses a remarkable ability to shape our lives, and Chloe Mayse’s latest single, “Mad in Love,” dives deep into the realms of infatuation, fixation, and the poignant recollections that linger long after a romance has concluded. Emerging from the lively city of Toronto, Chloe Mayse is carving her niche within the alternative pop scene, and with “Mad in Love,” she offers an intriguing peek into her musical talents.

Chloe Mayse

The genesis of the song is profoundly personal, as Chloe recounts her inaugural, substantial relationship, a love affair that endured three intense years. “Mad in Love” takes listeners on a whirlwind exploration of the emotional peaks and valleys that frequently accompany such fervent entanglements. Chloe’s vocals exude a poignant vulnerability that seamlessly aligns with the lyrical profundity of the track.

Complementing this soul-stirring song is an accompanying music video functioning as a visual time capsule. Shot in Chloe’s hometown of Toronto, the video intricately weaves together glimpses from the past with the present, inviting viewers to journey alongside her as she revisits cherished moments. It’s an emotionally charged and introspective experience, akin to watching a home video brimming with nostalgia.

Chloe Mayse’s odyssey in music commenced at an early age, providing her with a conduit for self-expression and self-discovery. Her songwriting stands as evidence of her aptitude to translate personal experiences into melodious narratives. Furthermore, her commitment to advocating for the queer community and raising awareness about mental health issues underscores the authenticity of her artistic endeavors.

“Mad in Love” transcends being merely a song; it represents a heartfelt confession that encourages audiences to delve into the intricate facets of love. Chloe Mayse’s capacity to capture the essence of this multifaceted emotion reinforces her status as a burgeoning luminary in the realm of alternative pop. As she continues to narrate her personal tales through music, we eagerly anticipate her forthcoming creations.

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