Exploring Cosmic Frontiers, Moon Worm’s ‘9/10’ Melds Yearning and Liberation

Moon Worm’s latest single, “9/10,” is a heartfelt reflection on the desire for adventure juxtaposed with the fear of leaving something behind. It grants permission to step into a broader existence while making peace with the past. Originating from the rural expanse of North Dakota, Moon Worm is the brainchild of Jack Schaefer. His journey began from a profound love for indie rock, a passion he had to navigate alone. The project thrives as a testament to one man’s unwavering vision.


Schaefer’s recent releases showcase Moon Worm’s evolution. Tracks like “These Games,” “Dopamine,” and “Meet Me There” build upon the foundation laid by Moon Worm’s debut LP “Odyssey” in 2021. The album was birthed in the attic of a North Dakota farmhouse, offering a sonic odyssey through post-punk synth textures and dreamy pop interludes. Influences from artists like Tame Impala, Beach House, M83, and Mac Demarco, encountered during his college years, echo through this celestial musical venture.

While “Odyssey” saw Schaefer drawing inspiration from musical giants, recent compositions see him stride alongside them. “Meet Me There” boasts handclap percussion and twinkling synths, while “Dopamine” channels indie rock through the lens of zero-gravity space. “These Games” embraces a lighter, summery vibe, elevated by Schaefer’s crystalline falsetto. These tracks stand tall, not in the shadow of influences, but side by side with them. Moon Worm’s “9/10” serves as a cosmic bridge between yearning and liberation, propelling listeners into uncharted celestial realms while cherishing the footprints of the past. Schaefer’s sonic voyage continues to unfold, a testament to the transformative power of music.

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