Anna Thoresen’s ‘LIMIT’ is a powerful anthem of self-love and empowerment, a testament to her talent as a singer, producer, and songwriter.

Anna Thoresen, a 21-year-old independent artist hailing from New Jersey and now based in Los Angeles, recently dropped her latest single, ‘LIMIT,’ on September 15th. The track is a vibrant fusion of diva pop and R&B, delivering a message of self-love and shedding toxic relationships. Thoresen’s aim was to create an upbeat, relatable song that reminds listeners they don’t need a partner to feel truly loved. Her music radiates a vital message of self-worth and independence. Collaborating with Russell Hayden, the duo masterfully produced and co-wrote ‘LIMIT.’ The track was a blend of their diverse musical influences, incorporating elements of mainstream pop, rap, R&B, and rock. Their synergy was evident, creating a dynamic track that showcases Thoresen’s vocals and Hayden’s production skills.



‘LIMIT’ was crafted partly in Russell’s home studio and partly in Anna’s room at her parents’ house in New Jersey. The process was a blend of musical exploration and genuine enjoyment, which resonates through the song’s energy.The ethos behind ‘LIMIT’ is deeply personal for Thoresen. It reflects a turning point in her life, marked by setting boundaries and demanding respect. The song narrates her journey to self-discovery and self-love, breaking free from the shackles of hookup culture.

As a side note, a serendipitous encounter with graffiti art provided the perfect cover for ‘LIMIT.’ This unexpected moment captured the essence of the song, turning it into an unforgettable visual representation. Anna Thoresen’s ‘LIMIT’ isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration of self-love and a celebration of personal growth. It serves as a beacon of empowerment, inspiring others to find their own limits and embrace self-worth.

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