Ethereal Resonance, nasmore’s ‘When It Feels So Fake’

Nasmore’s latest offering, “When It Feels So Fake,” is a captivating blend of indie pop and electronic elements that encapsulates the spirit of a forward-looking generation. Influenced by the likes of Imagine Dragons and Nickelback, this track combines ethereal melodies with dynamic beats, positioning it perfectly for playlists like “Pop Rising,” “Indie Pop & Chill,” and “ElectroMix.” With “When It Feels So Fake,” Canadian artist nasmore delves into the complexities of modern existence, probing the surface-level facades that often conceal our true emotions and intentions. The song weaves poignant lyrics with powerful instrumentals, capturing the dichotomy between appearance and authenticity.


Collaborating with guitar virtuoso Neil Taylor and vocalists Gabriel and Waz, nasmore crafts a sonic landscape that resonates with listeners on a visceral level. The track serves as an anthem for those who have ever felt lost amidst a sea of pretense, offering a cathartic exploration of the quest for genuine connection. Nasmore’s artistic prowess extends beyond the spotlight, encompassing both songwriting and production. Each note and lyric is meticulously curated, reflecting his unwavering dedication to his craft. His music transcends mere auditory stimulation; it’s a meticulously crafted emotional journey, a testament to his creative vision.

Embracing collaboration as a cornerstone of his artistry, nasmore ventures into diverse musical landscapes, continually pushing boundaries and exploring new narratives. Beyond mainstream music, he lends his talents to the realm of visual media, enhancing storytelling with his distinctive soundscapes. With over 800K unique listeners, 2 million streams, and a devoted following of 30K on Spotify, nasmore’s influence in the music industry is undeniable. These figures are not just statistics; they represent the profound impact of his artistry on a global scale, solidifying his place in the ever-evolving musical landscape. “When It Feels So Fake” is not just a song; it’s a testament to nasmore’s ability to create music that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

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