Emotional Resonance Public Health’s ‘All Blue Everything’ Chronicles a Cathartic Journey

Public Health, led by the talented Alex Moxam, presents the evocative single “All Blue Everything,” a soul-stirring musical narrative born from personal trials and tribulations. Produced in collaboration with Kerry Charles, this Philadelphia-based project masterfully combines celestial synths, melodious guitars, and Moxam’s emotive vocals, creating an atmospheric soundscape that serves as a cathartic exploration of life’s challenges.


In “All Blue Everything,” Moxam opens the door to his soul, allowing listeners to join him on a reflective journey through a tumultuous year marked by divorce and the painful loss of family members. This musical diary becomes a vessel for the artist’s introspection, transforming adversity into a poignant and relatable sonic experience. The track, created alongside trusted friends, carries the weight of authenticity and raw emotion.

Public Health recently showcased their musical prowess by opening for Wild Nothing and JW Francis on November 10th, demonstrating the seamless translation of studio creativity into a captivating live performance. “All Blue Everything” is now available on major streaming platforms, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the profound and relatable world crafted by Public Health. Taking inspiration from the likes of Alex G, Arthur Russell, and Neil Young, Public Health’s “All Blue Everything” stands as a testament to the transformative power of music in navigating the complexities of life.

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