Destiny Road (Remix)- Gary Dranow’s Musical Odyssey Unveils a Captivating Fusion

Gary Dranow’s latest offering, “Destiny Road (Remix),” unveils a revitalized version of the title track from his original Destiny Road Album. Masterfully remastered by Klim Apalkov, who also lends his vocals to the remastered tracks, this release sets the stage for an exciting musical journey. The announcement of over thirty new songs, scheduled for weekly releases starting January 2024, adds an element of anticipation for fans eager to experience the evolution of Dranow’s sound.


Teaming up with Chris Zoupa, Gary Dranow ventures into the realm of EDM with their project Astralix. The upcoming single, “Lost and Found,” promises a dance-infused experience, followed by the album’s title track, “The Rhythm Fills My Soul,” and “Still Raining,” all set to captivate audiences with an undeniable dance beat. Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions, a band spanning international borders with members from Utah, USA, Melbourne, Australia, and Ukrainian contributors, showcase their versatility across genres. Influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Pearl Jam underscore the band’s eclectic musical exploration, encompassing Straight Up Blues, Blues Rock, Alternate Rock, and Hard Rock.

The band’s success is underscored by their chart-topping English Rock song in Ukraine, with the Ukrainian version garnering widespread acclaim on global music platforms. Notably, the band’s deliberation over retaining the harp in “The Cry of War – Ukraine” adds an amusing anecdote, highlighting the unexpected influence of artistic decisions on cultural reception. Dranow’s lyrical prowess shines in “Shimmering,” a track encapsulating the nostalgia and raw emotions of first love. The song acts as a poignant time capsule, preserving the magic of fleeting moments. The instrumental’s dynamic rhythm and skillful guitar playing, paired with Dranow’s heartfelt lyrics, create a captivating listening experience that immerses the audience in the bittersweet allure of memories. In essence, “Destiny Road (Remix)” not only marks a musical rebirth for Gary Dranow but also serves as a prelude to an exciting chapter of creativity and collaboration, promising a diverse musical journey that transcends boundaries.

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