Anjalts Unleashes Sonic Wisdom A Review of ‘War is so Primitive’

Anjalts, the brilliant songwriter and musician, has gifted the world with her latest masterpiece, “War is so Primitive.” Unveiled on November 24, this musical gem stands as the seventh revelation from her eagerly awaited album, ‘Bluency.’ Following the success of her previous singles, ‘Are U Ok’ and ‘Code Blue,’ Anjalts continues to etch her unique identity in the musical landscape. “War is so Primitive” is a sonic journey that beckons listeners to traverse beyond the conventional boundaries of music. It is a soul-stirring exploration, a profound meditation on the inefficacy of war as a universal solution. Anjalts, drawing inspiration from musical luminaries like Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Taylor Swift, and Missy Elliott, has woven a tapestry of sound that has been evolving since her debut in 2020.


The musical arrangement itself is a symphony of energy, seamlessly blending synth-wave with electrifying guitar riffs set against a bass-driven canvas. The war-like drumming pulsating beneath the surface elevates the composition to new heights. As the music builds, it converges into a captivating chorus, imploring humanity to transcend primitive conflicts and aspire to become a more advanced civilization.

“War is so Primitive” is not just a song; it is a poetic manifesto on the archaic nature of war as a default recourse. Anjalts invites us to envision a world where the future generation won’t bear the burden of cleaning up the wasteful aftermath of lost lives. With her musical prowess, she has crafted an anthem that resonates with the current ethos, urging us all to rise above the primitive and embrace a more enlightened existence. Anjalts has not just created music; she has orchestrated a profound call to elevate the human experience.

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