Daniel Young’s ‘Help Us Get Along’ A Spirited Musical Rally for Artistic Resilience

In his latest single, “Help Us Get Along,” Daniel Young, a seasoned artist with influences rooted in country, rock, and folk, sets the stage for his upcoming album, “Leave It Out To Dry.” The single, a Stones-inspired anthem, leads with a twin-guitar-lead, heavy-mic-bleed, and horn-driven arrangement, propelling a fervent plea for harmony. The track is a precursor to Young’s evolving musical landscape, maintaining the echoes of traditional country and rock while infusing a raw urgency and edginess. The song charges forward with a distinctive ragged edge, signaling a notable breakthrough in Young’s artistic journey.


The band, a dynamic ensemble featuring talents like M. Horton Smith, Dylan Schorer, and Joshy Soul, comes together seamlessly, each member contributing to the distinctive sound that defines Young’s musical identity. Recorded live at Orchard Studio in Salt Lake City, the single exudes a vibrant energy, a testament to the chemistry within the group. As Young delves into themes of artistic resilience, “Help Us Get Along” calls for a collective shift of focus from the chaotic noise of news to the serene realm of art and creativity. It’s a rallying cry to embrace the present, indulge in artistic expression, and cherish moments with friends and family.

In the words of Young himself, “Young’s music is becoming the great beyond. And, like the man said, sometimes when you stare into the abyss, it returns your gaze. Or sometimes, Young seems to acknowledge, you sing to it and it sounds back.” With this single as the harbinger, Daniel Young is poised to carve his niche in the musical cosmos with “Leave It Out To Dry.”

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