Blindness & Light’s ‘My Rolex Is Better Than Yours’ A Dystopian Reflection on Materialism and Human Nature

In their latest single, “My Rolex Is Better Than Yours,” Blindness & Light, an informal collective of musical friends led by Colin M Potter, delivers a thought-provoking commentary on the current state of humanity. The track, born out of a pub altercation between two proud Rolex owners in North Wales, serves as a stark snapshot of societal values and the consequences of materialism.


This experimental piece, characterized as Dystopian Indie Electronica, diverges from Blindness & Light’s usual sound, showcasing their versatility and innovative spirit. Produced by Tony Denmade and recorded primarily on a laptop in a forest in Styria, Austria, the track captures a raw and haunting essence that reflects the urgency of its message. The song’s genesis from a real-life altercation adds a layer of authenticity, making it a poignant reflection on societal discord fueled by materialistic pursuits. The haunting melody, combined with Colin M Potter’s electronic wizardry, creates an atmospheric soundscape that mirrors the unsettling reality it seeks to portray.

Blindness & Light’s commitment to pushing boundaries is evident in their unique approach to music, incorporating diverse influences from Factory Records and 4AD Records. The track serves as a testament to the collective’s role as a beacon of creativity and a mirror to contemporary society. In a world driven by possessions, “My Rolex Is Better Than Yours” challenges listeners to contemplate the consequences of unchecked materialism and the need for social progress. The track, with its innovative spirit and profound impact, solidifies Blindness & Light as a collective to watch in the indie-guitar post-punk landscape.

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