Cinnamon Serenade Michael Louis Austin’s Ode to Unconditional Love

Michael Louis Austin’s latest single, “Cinnamon,” emerges as a heartfelt anthem celebrating the transformative power of unconditional love. This down-home, upbeat track captures the essence of genuine connection and the joy that arises when two souls find each other. With an honest and soulful delivery, Austin weaves a narrative of personal growth, moving from a place of brokenness to the discovery of profound companionship. The song’s thematic core revolves around the universal quest for a life partner, someone to lean on and share life’s journey. Austin’s lyricism beautifully encapsulates the idea that, in the right person, individual shortcomings become inconsequential, paving the way for a harmonious and loving partnership. The chorus, a poignant expression of this sentiment, radiates warmth and authenticity.


The musical collaboration between Michael Louis Austin, Brandon Kitterman, and Thaddeus Corea yields a folk rock gem, echoing influences from iconic artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Counting Crows, and The Wallflowers. The timeless quality of these influences permeates “Cinnamon,” creating a nostalgic yet contemporary sound that resonates with a broad audience. Recorded at Jaguar Studios in Las Vegas under the guidance of Thaddeus Corea, who not only served as the sound engineer but also contributed bass guitar, percussion, and drums, the single attains a well-crafted sonic balance. Brandon Kitterman’s electric guitar lines add depth and texture, enhancing the overall musical experience.

Beyond the song itself, Michael Louis Austin provides a glimpse into the band’s unique engagement with their audience through secret shows. These exclusive, invite-only performances, shrouded in mystery until the last minute, add an intimate and personal dimension to their connection with fans. As a visual complement to the music, the Spotify canvas featuring footage filmed by Austin at Lake Utah adds a personal touch, further emphasizing the authenticity and depth of emotion in “Cinnamon.” In a musical landscape often filled with complexity, “Cinnamon” stands out as a refreshing and sincere expression of love—a melody that not only resonates in the ears but also tugs at the heartstrings, making it a standout addition to Michael Louis Austin’s discography.

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