Astralix Unleashes Electrifying Beats with ‘The Rhythm Fills My Soul’ A Dance Odyssey Beyond Boundaries

In a thrilling departure from their usual blues and rock landscape, Astralix, the brainchild of Gary Dranow (The Manic Emotions) and Chris Zoupa (Teramaze, The Manic Emotions), dives headfirst into the heart of electronic dance music with their latest single, “The Rhythm Fills My Soul.” This EDM project, born from the collaborative efforts of the transcontinental duo and producer Louis Dupont, unfolds like a sonic kaleidoscope, revealing a vibrant palette of beats and rhythms.


“The Rhythm Fills My Soul” stands out as a testament to Astralix’s creative versatility. As a band primarily recognized for their prowess in blues, blues rock, and alternative genres, this track showcases their audacious leap into the high-energy, dance-infused world of EDM. It’s an electrifying departure that demonstrates their willingness to explore uncharted musical territories. The collaboration, which began five years ago, found its roots in shared creativity and a shared love for experimentation. Drawing inspiration from EDM icons like Tiesto, Marshmello, and Avicii, Astralix crafts an auditory experience that pulsates with youthful exuberance and an infectious love for dance.

“The Rhythm Fills My Soul” is not just a track; it’s an anthem for celebration, a sonic journey that beckons listeners to surrender to the rhythm. At 125 beats per minute, the song hits the sweet spot for dance, creating an undeniable urge to move to its infectious tempo. It’s a celebration of youth, joy, and the boundless freedom found on the dancefloor. In the words of Chris Zoupa, this project reveals the seamless synergy between the duo. His sentiment resonates in every beat, creating an atmosphere where listeners can lose themselves in the rhythm. As Astralix continues to explore the uncharted realms of EDM, “The Rhythm Fills My Soul” stands as a promising harbinger of a bold and exhilarating musical journey.

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