Captivating Emotion in MIA VAN DE LOO’s Debut Single ‘fairytale’

MIA VAN DE LOO emerges into the music scene with her enchanting debut single, “fairytale,” an exquisite prelude to her upcoming EP, “open book,” set to release on December 8th, 2023. Collaborating with renowned producer and mixing engineer Laiko, along with mastering engineer Eric Lagg, Mia crafts a musical masterpiece that captivates the essence of her heartfelt narrative.


The track, as described by Fresh Off the Press Music Promotion Podcast, achieves perfection in minimalism, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the listener. The anticipation surrounding Mia’s debut EP release has been meticulously built over two years, and “fairytale” serves as an eloquent introduction to her musical journey. The lyrics of “fairytale” intricately weave a tale of infatuation with the wrong person, navigating the complexities of blind love, power dynamics, and the internal struggle to maintain sanity. Mia’s poignant storytelling, coupled with her angelic voice, evokes a genuine emotional connection.

The collaboration with Laiko and Eric Lagg adds a layer of professionalism to the track, amplifying the emotional impact. As Mia prepares to unveil her debut EP and the post-production music video for “fairytale,” the anticipation reaches a crescendo, promising a visual and auditory feast for her growing audience. Mia Van de Loo is not just an artist; she’s a storyteller, infusing her music with childlike optimism, relentless ambition, and a desire to experience life authentically. “fairytale” is more than a debut; it’s an invitation to join Mia on a journey of emotions, grace, and hope for the future.

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