Hurricane 5AM Rides the Nightwave with ‘LEK’

In the heartbeat of London’s vibrant nightlife, Hurricane 5AM, led by the creative force Hurricane Sam, delivers a thrilling anthem with their latest single, “LEK.” The track, inspired by raucous nights in Shoreditch, Islington, and Camden, takes us on a sonic journey through the energetic and unpredictable landscape of late-night escapades.


Hurricane Sam, a London native, wears his influences proudly, drawing inspiration from a diverse palette that includes Kelis, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Burial, Tricky, Kid Cudi, Post Malone, Skepta, and The-Dream. This eclectic mix manifests in “LEK,” creating a dynamic blend of styles that adds layers to the narrative of chasing after a group of wildly spirited friends for an unforgettable night out. The single, released less than two weeks ago, has already made waves across international airwaves, garnering attention on Ingrown Radio (US), OverviewOnTheRadio (UK), Frecuencia Millennial (Mexico), and set to be featured on Radio Flames (Italy). The music’s broad appeal is evident in previous reviews, with descriptions like “very melodious and incredible,” “great emotional vocals,” and “unusual and memorable vocal performances.”

“LEK” was initially crafted as a demo in 2019, but its full potential was realized in 2023 with a studio version, featuring a compelling UK Garage instrumental by Croatian producer Def Starz. The song encapsulates the essence of Hurricane Sam’s experiences, encapsulating the challenges and thrills of rallying friends for a night filled with the unexpected. Hurricane 5AM’s “LEK” is more than a song; it’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the energetic rhythms of London’s nightlife, with Hurricane Sam as the charismatic guide. As the track gains momentum, it stands as a testament to Hurricane 5AM’s ability to blend diverse influences into a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

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