Breaking Boundaries, A Number From the Ghost Unveils Interactive VR Experience with ‘Atomize’

A Number From the Ghost, led by the multi-talented artist Peter Adams, has unveiled a groundbreaking single, “Atomize,” accompanied by an interactive virtual reality experience that’s nothing short of mesmerizing. This release isn’t just a song; it’s an entire universe waiting to be explored. “Atomize” takes its audience on an extraordinary journey through a virtual reality landscape that’s not just a visual accompaniment, but a playable one too. You can step into this captivating world by visiting the project’s official website, where you’ll find yourself in a surreal gallery with rooms leading to exhibits in different realms. What’s truly remarkable is how the environment itself becomes a visual score, intricately synchronized with A Number From the Ghost’s original music.


Drawing inspiration from early computer animation, memories of video stores, and the excitement of Saturday mornings, the project manages to evoke a unique blend of emotions. The virtual experience creates a profound connection between the listener and the artist’s vision, immersing you in a world where music and visuals harmonize seamlessly. Peter Adams, the creative genius behind A Number From the Ghost, has already made his mark with numerous albums under his own name. However, “Atomize” represents a departure, an exploration of new realms beyond traditional streaming platforms. By blending his talents as a musician, producer, developer, and artist, Adams has birthed an experience that defies the confines of conventional music consumption. In discussing this innovative approach, Adams shared, “Music has always played an integral role in video games, heightening emotions through sound. We wanted to make music the driving force behind the interactive experience, with visuals that not only respond but also accentuate the contours of the audio. This project stands as a testament to the power of uniting music and visuals in an entirely novel way.”

This interactive world isn’t merely a music video or an album. It’s a fusion of art and technology, tailored for fans seeking an entirely unique experience. Utilizing accessible JavaScript technology ensures that the virtual reality encounter can be enjoyed by anyone with a browser, even those who might feel daunted by traditional gaming platforms. The simplified controls allow players to focus on exploration, observation, and, of course, listening, heightening the sense of discovery within this immersive environment. “Atomize” is poised to revolutionize the way fans engage with music. A Number From the Ghost challenges conventions and extends boundaries, offering a medium for music consumption that’s truly unparalleled. With this project, the visionary Peter Adams once again proves that there are no limits to the marriage of art and technology. Through its music, A Number From the Ghost invites listeners on a journey that transcends the ordinary, forging connections that linger long after the music fades.

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