A Folk Punk Extravaganza: DCxPC Live Vol. 22 Delivers a Musical Feast

Get ready for an electrifying folk punk journey as DCxPC Live Vol. 22 introduces us to a captivating compilation live album featuring four remarkable artists. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, and Tennessee, these musicians bring their unique twists to the folk punk genre. Each artist stands as a testament to the genre’s diversity, offering their distinctive flavor to the mix.


Sticky Steve channels pop-punk inspirations, infusing his sound with infectious energy. Jacob adds the Appalachian Mountains’ folk traditions, bringing a rootsy authenticity to his music. Borrowed Sparks contributes the unmistakable Nashville country vibes, enriching the compilation’s sonic palette. And Dougie Flesh spices things up with a dash of psychobilly, adding a thrilling twist to the folk punk blend.

This live album promises a remarkable listening experience, showcasing the artists’ raw talent and captivating stage presence. The compilation is a testament to the enduring spirit of punk and its various subgenres.

As part of the DCxPC Live series, this release maintains the tradition of delivering live performances in their purest form. It’s a musical journey that harkens back to the heyday of live recordings, paying homage to the VMLive album covers of the 1990s. What sets DCxPC Live apart is its dedication to the punk rock community and its unwavering belief in the music they love.

In true punk fashion, there are no contracts or record deals, just a genuine passion for sharing incredible music with the world. So, dive into the folk punk experience with DCxPC Live Vol. 22, a testament to the enduring spirit of punk rock and its vibrant subgenres.

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