Wild Horse Gallops Into 2023 with “ATTRACTION”

Wild Horse, the dynamic indie trio, is gearing up for the release of their fifth single of the year, “ATTRACTION,” promising to be a high point in what has already been an incredibly prolific year for the band. Their 2023 releases have enjoyed widespread acclaim, earning coveted spots as BBC “Tracks of The Day” and airtime on numerous radio shows worldwide. Crafted by the band’s frontman and primary songwriter, Jack Baldwin, and produced once again by the adept hands of Matt Leppanen at The Animal Farm Music studio in London, “ATTRACTION” charges forward as a fast-paced anthem, exploring the intoxicating pull of attraction, so potent it borders on pain.


Wild Horse’s relentless work ethic is palpable in their continuous touring and gigging across England, even as they pour their energy into writing, recording, and releasing new material. This latest single is a testament to their versatile talent, showcasing their ability to transcend genre boundaries.Throughout 2023, Wild Horse’s releases and live performances have garnered glowing reviews from critics, broadcasters, and audiences alike. Their music has found its way onto a multitude of FM, Mainstream, and Internet stations worldwide, with regular features on various BBC shows.

Hailing from Sussex, Southern England, Wild Horse is comprised of brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin, alongside their childhood friend Ed Barnes. Since their early teens, they’ve been a fixture in the live music scene, channeling their influences from hip hop beats to classic Brit Rock. Their music is an invitation to don your finest suit, pour a drink, and embark on a wild night out. With each release, Wild Horse further solidifies their status as a band to watch, leaving an indelible mark on the indie music landscape.

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