Wicked & Wise Unveiling the Sonic Tapestry of Ripsime’s Debut EP, Capsule I

Ripsime’s debut EP, ‘Capsule I: Wicked and Wise,’ is a hauntingly beautiful journey that transcends geographical boundaries and encapsulates the essence of personal growth amid the backdrop of war-torn Armenia. The EP, crafted during her time in Armenia, reflects the artist’s profound experiences, encapsulating the emotional battles of love, acceptance, and creative freedom in the face of the region’s turmoil.


The lead single, ‘Wicked & Wise,’ stands out as a masterful piece of electronic pop, drawing influences from the likes of Elder Island and Kate Bush while carving its path with a distinctive and cutting-edge edge. Ripsime’s vocals gracefully dance over a landscape of driving beats, synths, and guitars, creating a sonic journey that mirrors the tumultuous emotions of being torn between continents and worlds. The song is not just a musical composition; it’s a narrative, a testament to Ripsime’s full creative prowess. The experimental pop elements woven throughout ‘Wicked & Wise’ showcase the artist’s unique approach to music, leaving an indelible mark on the listener. The EP, as a whole, serves as a powerful introduction to Ripsime’s artistry, firmly establishing her as an artist of extraordinary potential.

Ripsime’s musical journey, influenced by her nomadic life and mentorship under Chino Maurice in LA, has shaped a sound that transcends borders. ‘Capsule I: Wicked and Wise’ is not merely an EP; it’s a sonic capsule capturing the essence of a unique artistic voice navigating through a world in constant flux. As Ripsime’s vocals elegantly intertwine with electronic elements, listeners are invited into a realm where personal and sonic exploration collide, leaving an enduring impression that speaks to the soul.

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