Voltage Rush, A High-Energy Summer Anthem

If you’re looking for a track to set the vibe for a night out or a road trip to a happening venue with your crew, this is it. With its infectious beats and party-ready atmosphere, this song is designed to keep the good times rolling. It’s a fitting finale to the summer, a freestyle that captures the essence of the season. Coming hot on the heels of Recovery 1, released just a month prior, and with Recovery 2 on the horizon next month, this track takes a spirited departure into a more lively, upbeat territory. The Recovery series, known for its R&B flair, gets a shot of adrenaline with this high-octane addition.


The accompanying video, awash in vibrant red hues, cleverly symbolizes a depleted battery in need of a recharge. It’s a visual testament to the artist’s current “Recovery” phase, where each release serves as a step towards renewed vigor and creativity.

In essence, this track is an electrifying jolt of energy, perfectly timed to keep the summer spirit alive. Whether you’re revving up for a night out or hitting the road with friends, this song sets the perfect tempo. So, turn up the volume and let the good times flow.

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