Vendetta Del Disco, Rediscovering Life Through Music

Robert Vendetta’s latest musical endeavor, “Vendetta Del Disco,” marks a pivotal chapter in his artistic journey. Presented by Lazarus Music, this fourth album embodies Vendetta’s signature sound while venturing into new musical territories, including Rockeaton, Prog, and African influences. Inspired by the timeless allure of Bowie’s “Heroes,” Vendetta crafts a concept album that delves into the depths of existentialism and the pursuit of joy.


Thematically, “Vendetta Del Disco” narrates the tale of an individual ensnared in the trappings of corporate monotony, only to rediscover life’s vibrancy amidst the pulsating beats of Vendetta Del Disco. Each track serves as a chapter in this narrative, offering a nuanced exploration of human experience and the quest for fulfillment. The lead single, “Breathe,” stands as a testament to Vendetta’s creative prowess. Infused with African-inspired rhythms and infectious energy, the song beckons listeners to release their inhibitions and embrace the present moment with open arms. It serves as a rallying cry for liberation and self-discovery—a theme echoed throughout the album. Among the standout tracks is “Main Man,” a poignant reflection on the complexities of ambition and identity. “Vacation” exudes a sense of euphoria and escapism, while “Set The World On Fire” ignites a spirit of rebellion and renewal.

Vendetta’s collaboration with his band shines through in the album’s musical arrangements, which strike a delicate balance between introspection and exuberance. From the introspective melodies of “Shrink” to the infectious grooves of “Vendetta Del Disco,” each composition showcases Vendetta’s evolution as a composer and lyricist. In “Vendetta Del Disco,” Robert Vendetta invites listeners on an immersive journey—a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and celebration. As the album unfolds, it invites us to dance, reflect, and ultimately, to embrace the beauty of the human experience in all its complexity.

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