Vanilla Franco Hits the Ground Running with Debut Album “Traction”


Suffolk-based musician Joey Quinn, better known as Vanilla Franco, makes a grand entrance onto the music scene with his debut album “Traction.” This collection of indie rock gems showcases Quinn’s musical prowess and creative vision, offering listeners a sonic journey filled with infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics.


“Building Pressure” sets the tone for the album, with its driving rhythms and anthemic choruses. Quinn’s emotive vocals soar over layers of guitars, creating a sense of urgency that propels the listener forward. “Picnic” takes a more laid-back approach, with its breezy melodies and nostalgic lyrics evoking images of lazy summer days. Quinn’s knack for storytelling shines through, painting vivid vignettes with his words. “Good Time” is a standout track that exudes infectious energy from start to finish. With its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks, it’s impossible not to tap your feet along to this feel-good anthem.

“Invisible Boys” delves into more introspective territory, exploring themes of identity and belonging. Quinn’s introspective lyrics are complemented by haunting guitar riffs, creating a poignant atmosphere that lingers long after the song ends. “The Arena” closes out the album on a high note, with its soaring melodies and anthemic choruses leaving a lasting impression. Quinn’s impassioned vocals soar over a backdrop of lush instrumentation, culminating in a triumphant finale that leaves listeners craving more.  “Traction” is a stellar debut from Vanilla Franco, showcasing Quinn’s talent for crafting memorable melodies and poignant lyrics. With its diverse range of sounds and emotions, this album is sure to resonate with listeners of all backgrounds.

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