Unveiling the Inner Struggles, Grace & Moji’s ‘Monster’ Music Video

“Monster” by indie-pop duo Grace & Moji is a haunting exploration of inner turmoil and its impact on relationships. Set against the backdrop of an old Los Angeles warehouse, the music video weaves a symbolic narrative, accompanied by dynamic performances and choreography by Just Jet, known for his work with industry giants like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. The visuals vividly capture the internal conflict that lurks within us all, especially as we navigate the complexities of love and connection. This evocative music video invites viewers to confront their own inner demons and embrace vulnerability as a pathway to genuine intimacy. Through its dark elegance and emotional depth, “Monster” resonates on a profound level, tapping into the universal struggle for self-acceptance and authentic connection.


The video’s climax, where the artists not only face but befriend the very “Monster” that haunts them, offers a powerful message of reconciliation and self-discovery. It’s a testament to the transformative power of acknowledging and embracing our inner complexities.

Grace & Moji’s “Monster” isn’t just a music video; it’s a visual journey through the human experience. With its rich symbolism and captivating performances, it shines a light on the shadows we all grapple with, ultimately celebrating the beauty that arises from embracing our true selves.


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