Unleashing the Inner Beast: Love Ghost’s GLOCK ft. Dan Garcia

GLOCK, a fierce trap metal and hard Latin rap fusion, channels the spirit of artists like Scarlxrd, Ghostemane, and City Morgue. This dynamic collaboration with Mexican Rapper Dan Garcia is an anthem for setting free the primal side we often keep confined. The track draws inspiration from both artists’ passion for competitive combat sports, with Dan Garcia’s background in wrestling and Finnegan Bell’s lifelong dedication to martial arts. Their shared love for MMA and boxing permeates every beat.


Produced by the talented Eipi, a frequent partner of Dan Garcia, GLOCK was crafted in the vibrant music scene of Mexico. The result is a pulsating track that hits hard, embodying the raw energy and power of two artists at the top of their game. Accompanied by a visually captivating music video, GLOCK amplifies the intensity of the track. Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell is currently immersed in the rich creative environment of Mexico, collaborating with a lineup of top-tier Latin artists. Their collaborative efforts with renowned producers like Shantra and BrunOG promise a slew of exciting releases.

With more tracks on the horizon, including the highly anticipated “Dopeman” featuring Ghanaian afrobeat artist Camidoh, and “Do you Like Me Now” with Nu Metal sensation Cinnamon Babe, Love Ghost is poised to make a resounding impact on the music scene in the coming year. GLOCK is just the beginning of what promises to be an electrifying musical journey.

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