Unleashing Femme Power, A Review of Fantømex’s EP ‘Chimera’

Fantømex’s EP “Chimera” emerges as a fierce testament to the band’s ethos of raw energy, unapologetic expression, and a distinct brand of femme empowerment. Hailing from the rugged landscapes of Western North Carolina, Fantømex doesn’t just make music—they create sonic landscapes that pulsate with intensity, emotion, and rebellion.


Led by the captivating vocals of Abigail Taylor, Fantømex infuses each track with a palpable sense of urgency and authenticity. “Chimera” is not just an EP; it’s a journey—a sonic odyssey that delves into the depths of identity, society, and the human condition. “I Declare A Clone War” sets the stage with its searing critique of toxic masculinity and the insidious nature of the “Nice Guy” facade. Taylor’s vocals cut through the cacophony, delivering lyrics that serve as a rallying cry against patriarchal oppression. “Spock Choy” follows suit, plunging listeners into a maelstrom of disillusionment and rebellion. The track’s relentless rhythm and piercing guitars mirror the tumultuous emotions of societal discontent, urging listeners to question the status quo and envision a better world. “Push-up King” offers a defiant anthem of self-empowerment and agency. With its infectious hooks and anthemic chorus, the song celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the refusal to settle for anything less than respect and equality.

Closing out the EP, “A Duck of a Different Colour” channels a sense of longing and frustration, echoing the universal desire for change amidst a landscape of apathy and indifference. Taylor’s emotive vocals soar over a backdrop of swirling guitars and thunderous percussion, culminating in a cathartic crescendo of emotion. Recorded in their home studio and masterfully mixed and mastered at Loc Level Sound in Asheville, NC, “Chimera” is a testament to Fantømex’s DIY ethos and unwavering commitment to artistic integrity. With its mirror-image album covers, the EP stands as a thematic companion to its predecessor, “Terraformed,” offering listeners a glimpse into the band’s evolution and sonic exploration. In essence, “Chimera” is more than just a collection of songs—it’s a bold statement, a call to arms, and a beacon of hope in a world plagued by chaos and uncertainty. With their fearless approach to music-making, Fantømex invites listeners to join them on a journey of self-discovery, resistance, and liberation.

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