Unleashing Electrifying Energy, NEVERSPEAK’s ‘Moneymaker (ft. JedLi)’

NEVERSPEAK, the British electronic music producer based in Tokyo, collaborates with rapper JedLi in their latest single, “Moneymaker.” The track is a dynamic fusion of electro-house and mid-tempo bass, radiating boldness from the get-go.

Credit: NEVERSPEAK / JedLi – For promotional use only

“Moneymaker” is more than just a song; it’s a sonic powerhouse that commands attention. JedLi’s vocals, skillfully chopped and infused with swagger, add a layer of bravado to the already pulsating beat. From the energetic hook to the driving verse, the track exudes a contagious energy that demands to be felt. The collaboration between NEVERSPEAK and JedLi is rooted in their shared experiences living in Japan, evident in the seamless blend of their styles. Sampling vocals from JedLi’s previous release, “Good Writtens,” adds a personal touch to the track, elevating its authenticity. Inspired by the adrenaline of Japanese pro-wrestling and ‘deathmatches,’ NEVERSPEAK sought to capture that same intensity in “Moneymaker.” The result is a track that brims with electrifying energy, punctuated by unexpected moments that keep listeners on their toes.

Set against the backdrop of Tokyo’s bustling streets, “Moneymaker” reflects the city’s vibrant pulse. NEVERSPEAK draws inspiration from his surroundings, weaving stories into his music that invite listeners to embark on their own sonic journey. As NEVERSPEAK continues to push musical boundaries, “Moneymaker” serves as a preview of what’s to come. With plans for more sonic explorations and live shows on the horizon, NEVERSPEAK’s electrifying sound is poised to leave a lasting impact on the electronic music scene.

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