Unearthing Brilliance, Cuban Pete’s ‘The Raven And The Rabbit’

“The Raven And The Rabbit” marks the exciting kickoff to Cuban Pete’s #C75Friday series, promising a fresh single every fortnight in collaboration with various artists. This track, featuring the talented Netherlands MC Ill Proceeja, carries an intriguing backstory. Proceeja’s previous album, “Raven,” featured Cuban, while Cuban’s recent release, “The Year Of The Rabbit,” inspired the song’s title.


The beat, skillfully crafted by UK beatmaker Boond Aux, provides a dynamic backdrop to the lyrical prowess of Cuban and Proceeja. The artwork, a testament to Cuban’s artistic versatility, was crafted by the man himself. Notably, the track’s engineering was deftly handled by The J. Hexx Project. Cuban Pete, a prominent UK-based Hip Hop artist, showcases his impressive musical range, having collaborated with industry stalwarts like Erick Sermon, Krumbsnatcha, and Blaq Poet, among others. His dedication to authentic lyricism and refusal to shy away from addressing pertinent issues resonate with the spirit of golden-era Hip Hop.

Cuban’s brainchild, C75 Live, serves as a platform to support fellow artists in their musical journey. His previous releases, including the well-received mixtape “Renaissance Man” and the thought-provoking ‘Capital C Capital P’ project, have garnered praise both in the UK and internationally. Reviewers have lauded his distinctive style and his ability to dissect prevailing norms with lyrical finesse. Furthermore, the compilation “The Standout,” featuring tracks where Cuban shines, underscores his ability to command attention in any collaboration. The EP “5 Pointz,” a joint venture with Wu-Tang affiliated producer Falling Down, paid homage to the legendary New York graffiti hub. The animated video for the single ‘Futura’ showcased Cuban’s foray into visually captivating storytelling. With “The Raven And The Rabbit,” Cuban Pete demonstrates that his musical journey is as dynamic and engaging as ever, setting the stage for a series that promises to be a revelation for Hip Hop enthusiasts worldwide.

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