Unboxing Life, BAÏKI’s Thought-Provoking ‘Les boites’

“Les boites” by BAÏKI takes us on a thought-provoking journey through the boxes that define our lives. Home, school, car, job – they provide comfort and protection, but do they also confine us? The song’s fast-paced, frenetic energy mirrors the whirlwind of our daily existence. In our constant rush from one box to another, we seldom pause to reflect. The lyrics poignantly ask, when do these protective spaces transform into prisons? The track carries us to the end of the road, leaving us with nothing but memories neatly stored away.


The accompanying video, directed and edited by Yves Huppen, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. Rather than a literal portrayal of the song’s lyrics, the video takes an unexpected turn. It introduces us to a tyrannical director, played by Phil himself, who yearns to orchestrate his puppets’ every move. However, his plans are thwarted, and the protagonists rebel against his authority. This clever twist injects humor and unpredictability into the visual storytelling.

The choice of location, a workshop on the outskirts of Charleroi, Belgium, adds authenticity to the video. Despite a scorching June day, the band members, disguised in elaborate costumes, persevere through the heat, creating a memorable visual spectacle. “Les boites” not only challenges our perceptions of the boxes that structure our lives, but also offers a visually engaging and entertaining experience. Through both song and video, BAÏKI invites us to contemplate the balance between comfort and freedom, leaving us with a thought-provoking message wrapped in a lively musical package.

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