“Traces” by Moloto & Babskin A Sonic Odyssey into Ecological Sensitivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic and acoustic fusion, Moloto & Babskin, a dynamic duo comprising producer and DJ Stefano Florio and the Italian-French singer Elodie Lebigre, presents their latest single, “Traces.” Released under the Aida Music label, this track transcends conventional musical boundaries, delivering a sonic experience that seamlessly blends acoustic and electronic instruments, resonating deeply with atmospheric sensations.


Describing their music as a continuous transformation, Moloto & Babskin explore a sonic realm rooted in minimalism and ecological sensitivity. “Traces” emerges as a pressing, sensual, yet acidic piece that pushes beyond conventional boundaries. The bilingual vocals, seamlessly weaving between English and French, create a hypnotic, club-like atmosphere that invites listeners to delve into the core of the earth, floating in the silence of the universe. The duo’s artistic philosophy, rooted in sensitivity and a shared concern for the essentials, manifests in “Traces.” Far from being a traditional ballad, the song unfolds as an urgent communication of the collective feeling of ecological urgency. Moloto & Babskin overturn the anthropocentric narrative, letting the earth speak of the repercussions of profit-driven choices, leaving scars akin to a tormented love relationship.

The accompanying video, directed by Moloto & Babskin, presents a hypnotic visual narrative. Collaborating with artist and performer Jacques Salerno, the video captures the world’s cry through Salerno’s erotic physicality, seamlessly synchronizing with the rhythmic, oxidized imagery of sea waves, flowers, and organic elements. “Traces” stands as more than just a song; it’s a poetic pagan prayer, a manifestation of the urgency felt in the world. With its rhythmic repetition and symbolic visuals, the song and video create an immersive experience, showcasing the alchemy that arises in collaborations between artists and different art forms. Moloto & Babskin’s “Traces” transcends the tangible, giving shape and voice to the intangible aspects of human intuition, making it a noteworthy addition to the ever-expanding realm of electronic and acoustic fusion.

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