“Thorax-Wach” Embarks on a Kafkaesque Musical Odyssey with “Kafka in Berlin”- Album

In a mesmerizing fusion of music and literature, Thorax-Wach, comprising Olaf Kraemer and Frank Dieckmann, reunites after four decades to unveil their latest musical venture, “Kafka in Berlin.” Harkening back to their roots in the Genial Dilettantes scene of the 1980s, the duo brings forth a captivating exploration of Franz Kafka’s enigmatic world against the backdrop of 1920s Berlin. With a musical journey spanning decades and previous albums such as “Kaum erdacht – schon Mode” and “Huckepack und zu Hunderten in den Tod,” Thorax-Wach steps into uncharted territory with “Kafka in Berlin.” The album serves as a reverent homage to Kafka’s literary legacy, weaving together a tapestry of German lyrics interwoven with snippets of Kafka’s original texts. Each track on the album serves as a portal into the Kafkaesque labyrinth, inviting listeners to traverse the complexities of the human psyche:


“Maschine Denkt Für Sich” opens the album with an eerie exploration of existential dread, mirroring Kafka’s themes of alienation and mechanization. “In Der Fabrik” delves deeper into the dehumanizing effects of industrialization, painting a vivid picture of the relentless machinery of the factory. “Spaziergänge” meanders through Kafkaesque landscapes, offering glimpses into the fragmented consciousness of the protagonist. “Im Schatten Der Gedanken” invites listeners to ponder the shadowy recesses of the mind, blurring the lines between reality and surrealism. “Passt in Die Zeit” explores the struggle for individuality in a society governed by oppressive norms, echoing Kafka’s themes of conformity and existential angst.

“Regulin” pulsates with tension, capturing the delicate balance between order and chaos in Kafka’s universe. The album culminates with “Heute Zu Schwach,” a poignant reflection on human frailty and the futility of resistance in the face of existential anguish. “Kafka in Berlin” is not merely an album; it is a profound journey into the heart of Kafka’s literary landscape, where reality and fantasy converge in haunting melodies and evocative lyrics. Thorax-Wach’s meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to their subject matter make this album a captivating exploration of the human condition in all its complexities.

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