“The Rose of Bohermeen” A Nostalgic Tapestry of Love and Melody by Davie Furey

Davie Furey concludes a prolific year with a soul-stirring offering, “The Rose of Bohermeen,” following the success of “Stargazer” and a memorable tour with the legendary Paul Brady. This new single, a love song, delves into the nostalgia of a midnight choir girl from “that Christmas long ago,” painting a poignant picture of fleeting romance and lost tales. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Martin Quinn at JAM Studios, the collaboration between Furey and playwright Richard Ball seamlessly weaves a haunting melody and beautifully crafted lyrics. Furey’s distinctive performance, characterized by emotional depth and authenticity, reflects the consistency audiences have come to expect from this accomplished singer-songwriter.


In an unexpected turn, Furey embraces lyrics not of his own making, adding a unique layer to his repertoire. The words, penned by Bohermeen native Richard Ball, bring a personal touch to the song, rooted in the heartfelt narrative of an aunt who sang in a Christmas midnight mass, a story passed down through generations. Davie Furey’s interpretation of “The Rose of Bohermeen” is a testament to his versatility as an artist. Handling lead vocals and acoustic rhythm guitars, he leads a musical ensemble featuring Martin Quinn on Bass, Electric Guitar, and Piano. The collaboration with Ball, Furey’s former English teacher, adds a sentimental dimension to the project, transforming a familial anecdote into a musical gem.

Richard Ball, expressing his admiration for Furey’s work, notes the joy of seeing his poignant lyrics married to music. The profound gratitude for Furey’s magical touch resonates, creating a harmonious blend of storytelling and melody. “The Rose of Bohermeen” stands as a beautiful testament to the power of collaboration, celebrating the shared love for music and the art of turning heartfelt stories into timeless tunes.

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