The Crystal Teardrop Takes Listeners on a Psychedelic Journey with “By The River”

With a genuine commitment to delivering a truly psychedelic sound, The Crystal Teardrop takes us on a mind-bending trip with their latest release, “By The River.” Rooted in the spirit of the mid to late 1960s, this band effortlessly combines elements of garage rock, psychedelia, and acid folk to create a sonic experience that is as refreshing as it is nostalgic. Following the success of their debut single, “Nine Times Nine,” The Crystal Teardrop cements their musical identity with “By The River.” The track boasts an unmistakably Eastern influence, featuring a mesmerizing drone melody played on the mandola, complemented by shimmering guitars, layered harmonies, and entrancing drum patterns. Lucian Thomas on the sitar, adding an extra layer of otherworldly charm, perfectly completes this psychedelic journey.


Lyrically, “By The River” navigates through mysterious twists and turns, exploring themes of profound love, loss, and the complexities of the human experience. The song’s structure enhances the ethereal quality, inviting listeners to ponder their own existential reflections. The release of “By The River” will be accompanied by a visually captivating music video directed by James Shuker, promising to elevate the sensory experience even further.

The Crystal Teardrop has been making waves in the music scene, garnering acclaim for their unique sound and stage presence. After their stellar debut at Le Beat Bespoke Festival in London, the band is set to embark on a tour, gracing cities like Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester, and Manchester, among others, this autumn. Fans can anticipate more mind-bending material from The Crystal Teardrop in the coming year.

The Crystal Teardrop Lineup:
– Alexandra Rose (guitar, mandola, vocals)
– Leon Jones (lead guitar)
– Stuart Gray (organ)
– Caitlin Hare (bass, vocals)
– Connor Wells (drums)

THE CRYSTAL TEARDROP working on a limited budget and pursuing their musical journey independently, greatly appreciates any support and exposure from their fans and music communities alike. Their commitment to delivering an authentic psychedelic experience is evident in every note of “By The River.”

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