Temporal Echoes A Solo Symphony of Spontaneity and Soulful Reverie

This album is a captivating odyssey, an impromptu fusion of my love for music and dance, echoing the enduring style of piano playing reminiscent of classics like “Kind of Blue.” Recorded live during a balboa dance convention at the Masonic Temple in Pasadena, CA, it’s a gem that found resonance in the swing dance and music scenes across the USA and Europe. The spontaneous nature of the tunes, inspired by the likes of James Booker and Tom Waits, allows for an enchanting improvisation, creating an album that’s both raw and timeless. As a solo project, I, armed with just a piano, embarked on this musical journey that spans influences from jazz to blues. The intimate recording setup at the grand piano of the Masonic Temple adds a personal touch to each note. Mixed and mastered by yours truly, this album is a testament to my dedication, with over 1000 songs completed since the inception of my musical journey.


The tracks narrate a story – from “Reminischin'” and “Day’n’Night” celebrating the vibrancy of life, to the moody ambiance of “Moody LA.” “Hooked On Swing (take1-2-3)” captures the magic of spontaneous creation, becoming a standout favorite. Each track unfolds a different chapter, from the lively “Waking Up my Feet” to the contemplative “Oh, but What About the Old Days?” The album is a journey through time, encapsulating the essence of New Orleans and Black American music. Recorded on a 1932 Baldwin grand piano using minimal equipment, this album is a cozy, familiar creation. A personal favorite, “The Best Offer,” merges my love for Louis Armstrong’s “Black & Blue” with the influence of James Booker, achieving a moment of musical intimacy. As the album concludes with “Something from the Old Days,” it marks the end of this temporal and spatial exploration.

In the words of the creator, “When it comes to creating music, we are the vessel. The clearer the path with the divine, the more honest the music will be. There’s no limit to how high this can reach.” This album is not just a collection of songs; it’s a soulful journey through time and emotion, an invitation to dance, reminisce, and embrace the joyous moments of life.

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