Symphonic Mastery Unveiled Fabbro di Chiavi’s ‘Intangible Part I’ Redefines Progressive Metal

Fabbro di Chiavi’s “Intangible Part I” is more than an EP; it’s a sonic odyssey that redefines the landscape of progressive metal. Released on 10.11.23, this symphonic exploration of Stoic philosophy principles showcases a fusion of powerful riffs, intricate melodies, and a genre-defying structure that challenges the auditory senses. The EP opens with “Embracing the Unknown: A Stoic Overture,” setting the stage for a musical journey that mirrors the complexities of life’s uncertainties. The track weaves through intricate layers, inviting listeners to embrace the philosophical core of Stoicism. “Journey to Apatheia: An Adagio of Tranquility” follows, translating the Stoic principle of Apatheia into a soul-stirring adagio. Melodies fight to emerge, reflecting the struggle for tranquility amidst external chaos, creating a musical representation of finding serenity within the storm.


The zenith of the EP is reached with “Emotion Ruler: The Chess Player’s Mind Games.” A riveting composition delving into the intricate psychology of a chess player, the music unfolds with powerful riffs dominated by odd metrics, mirroring the intense struggle for dominance. The dynamic interplay between instruments reflects the complexities of the human experience, where sporadic melodies emerge, providing a sense of flow and harmony amidst rhythmic chaos.

Fabbro di Chiavi, the brainchild of Marco Pellizzari, is not just a guitarist and composer; he is a storyteller crafting a musical narrative that transcends genres. From classical guitar studies to a symphonic metal solo project, Fabbro di Chiavi’s journey is marked by a dedication to merging electric and acoustic guitar virtuosity, with “Intangible Part I” being the culmination of this artistic evolution. As the EP prepares to make its mark on the progressive metal scene, Fabbro di Chiavi invites music enthusiasts to embark on this immersive musical odyssey. Subscribe to social channels for exclusive updates and a deeper insight into the thematic richness of each track. “Intangible Part I” is not just an EP; it’s an experience, a symphony that transcends the boundaries of time and genre.

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